ERROR:class err::InvalidStateException Postcondition failed: app::model::data::NoteRepository::getSectionProperties static_cast<bool>(si)

cigar huang 10 aastat tagasi uuendaja Alex Jenter 9 aastat tagasi 9
scroll vertical bar of main page and always popup the error mesaage with the content in title at the same position.
the version is 2.8.3
The previous version is 2.7.1, when I upgrade to 2.8.3, cintanotes notifies me that the db is converted to fit new format. Everything is fine in 2.7.1
Hello and thanks for the report!
Could you please do the following:

1) Run CintaNotes and activate "Help/Debug/Debug Logging"
2) Try to repeat the problem
3) This will produce the file named "log.N.txt", where N is some number. The file 
will be located either in CN folder, or in %APPDATA%\CintaNotes. Please pick a file
with maximum number and send it to support@cintanotes.com

(Please note that this file may contain some of your private data, such as tag
names (but no passwords). You may want to edit the file and remove this data

Hope this is not too much to ask, thank you!
I have sent mail with log.12.txt. If you do not recieve, please notify me. 
Still didn't get the log, please re-send. Thanks
Sorry cause the mail policy of company to block the attachment. Please download the log from link
Sorry but the log doesn't contain the error message. Are you sure that the error happened while the log was recorded? Can you reproduce the error? Thanks!
Sorry that I pickup wrong file. I reproduce the error and put the log in link