Spoiler feature

Muhammad Khoerul Insan fa 11 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 7 anys 5
What if the added "spoiler" feature like in the forums. It makes it easy to read the important point alone, and hide lengthy explanation, and lengthy detail. Making note flows. I've never seen this feature is in the windows program, but it is so popular in the forums. Just hide text, do not need another. I think it helps improve productivity. Something that can not be done on papernote

editing text-formatting
If the above concept is difficult to be realized. Maybe CintaNotes can use OneNote concept.

Existing content on the note can be expanded or collapsed, by using the outline feature.
Thanks for your input, Muhammad! But before we decide on implementation, the idea should collect a bit more votes ;)

What a pity! It is difficult to get a vote. It seems rather impossible if we had to wait for the user to read the idea. What a pity!

This idea has not increased its vote since 8 months ago.

It's hard to get a vote, this new problem. I hope there can be a solution.


Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry. It can be reopened later if another user requests this feature