Simplenote synchronisation

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Sync of notes with the simplenoteapp.com service. Several apps exist for this on the mac, iPhone and android.
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Released in CintaNotes 2.0

This would be so great...
Another nice thing would be to use version history like simplenote does!
Simplenote works with iPod Touch too (an implicit function right?).
So yes, it would be a nice option. :)
Hi guys, the sync feature would be great. Tried using Dropbox with the portable version of Cintanotes but it failed to sync... is there anyway we could temporarily sync with dropbox?
Why did it fail to sync? Did you do it like it is described here: http://cintanotes.com/cintanotes.htm#sync ?
Hi Alex, thanks for the quick response. Sorry took so long... me not so computer savy... tried what the help file said but to no avail. In both my computers, Cintanotes has been extracted to the E:.
Now the confusing bit is this: They said that we should,"Cut and paste cintanotes.db in some subfolder inside of "My Dropbox" folder." and then do the same for the other computer right?
This was done but there are 2 "cintanotes.db" files.
So i deleted one of them but the path to the folder in the dropbox is the same for both computers. - is this what you're supposed to do? There can't be to cintanotes.db files in the dropbox right?

Computer 1: the cintanotes.db has this path in my laptop:C:\Users\user\Desktop\My Dropbox\Programs\portable apps\CintaNotes\CintaNotes sync file

Computer 2's path for the dropbox begins with E:\...... could that be the problem?

Does that mean that i have to re-install dropbox in the same drive?

Thanks once again Alex
Indeed, there should be just one cintanotes.db inside of DropBox folder (but the DropBox folder may be in different places on different PCs). And no, you don't have to re-install DropBox. But you have to edit each cintanotes.settings file to point to that PC's cintanotes.db. Please tell me what "notebook.file" param value is on both your PCs? Thx
Hi Alex. thanks for the reply. Unfortunately one of my PCs has "conked out". I have to reinstall the OS. It'll take abt a day or so. But, according to what you have said... each cintanotes.settings file has been edited to point to where the cintanotes.db file is(in the dropbox folder). Anyways will try again.. when the other com is up and running. Will reply to you asap. Thanks again for the help.
Sorry to hear about the computer, I know how painful it is to reinstall everything. Good luck to you with that.
About the settings file: please also make sure that the filename (cintanotes.db) is included in the notebook.file param (like "notebook.file = c:\my dropbox\cintanotes\cintanotes.db").
Ya, this is the BEST feature i would like to see..... It will take over Evernote than.....
Simplenote sync will be the "killer feature" of CintaNotes.
synchronisation function is very important. It works between my office and home,and it's a backup place.Looking forward to this feature

I just got an ipad and would love for cintanotes to have this functionality.

The other windows clients for simplenote don't look very appealing after using cintanotes for so long.

Also, I found cintanotes not being natively cross platform to be it's biggest drawback, which this would negate.

I think Cintanotes will quickly become the windows simplenote users favourite client - which would be good for the program as it would generate more income with the commercial version.

I think that, if this is implemented, Cintanotes should still keep it's option of syncing the local db through dropbox. Can't have too many backups :)

One concern... when categories/tabs are implemented will notes:

a) all sync somehow, using some sort of special tag for categories

b) user selects a category to sync to simplenote. Other categories are not synced (my preference)

this feature would be very useful - connecting me to work, hoem and my various periambulations.

This is very important to me. I've bought CintaNotes because I like it in general, but I'm using Respohnotes until this feature gets added.

As we keep our breath for long awaited "d" day... CN portable version works well on Dropbox.

That's where i keep my regular data file for desktop app.

Same thing here. I have been going back & forth here for months waiting for SN integration. I realize it is not a trivial task, but Alex is a capable developer. I will be more than happy to purchase the commercial license once this feature is added.

I'm very much looking forward to SN integration!

Released in CintaNotes 2.0