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Three-Frame-View -- Window Layout with Tags, Titles and Note content

Alex Jenter 14 year бұрын updated by Thomas Lohrum 8 year бұрын 6 3 duplicates
I'd like to suggest that a third frame be added to CN (the first frame being the tag sidebar, and the second frame being the notes list). The third frame would show the entire text of the selected note. Something like the three-frame vertical view in modern email clients.

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It would be an alternative way for some to see previews

In my programming, I let User choose how much a child frame should "stretch" to show its contents when it is "longer" or "wider" than the default for their screen size ( but in my world text is already a Graphic and a Visual with a Font and encoding and font-size even without SVG and explicitly stroked paths.)

I have a test applet for finding and displaying diverse Japanese fonts for new releases of the runtime that I rely on.

In a docs notebook I want stretch BUT in a notebook where I am trying to recall/recognize pairs of kanji, I don't want to see the mnemonic ... which sorta works in CintaNotes but in in an annoying fashion (add enough CR and the huge note shows so many blanks rather than giving me the option

I would say "auto-resize" is the Right_click context menu option or DISPLAY options "display N lines where I can choose 1 from a combobox RATHER THAN search through "preferences" which seems to be a linux/windows/Android bias in design ( linux EDIT a config file has to be a 1975-style if not earlier ;-)  but then there are those X-windows Desktop settings for fonts LOL 

In fairness, even Smalltalk app's by software veterans can be exasperating if you want to display and tag a note in Japanese or Korean or Vietnamese while working in a Latin locale.

And there is a warning at www.curl.com for their latest 8.004 release with regard to characters and locale ... and their users tend to in EU and USA Fortune 200 and their developers in KO and JP !  And they are now focussed on Android using their CAEDE framework+libraries in eclipse !

In so many ways Python is still not friendly to multi-lingual users as soon as they leave Latin and need to have a Unicode note containing a EUC or SH-JIS web clip ( for which we can thank IBM, MS ...)

For the issues with Vietnamese, do we blame Hanoi or those who failed to reach out to Hanoi for the sake of the next generation under a soon-to-be-reform'ed Hanoi ?

see issues with Vietnamese in Unicode and in teaching ( and what becomes of hand-writing recognition on tablets as some Canadian jurisdictions cease to teach basic script penmanship even for minimal quasi-block-letter linked-letter-cum-cursive printing-style-cursive ???)  Answer - forget Sunday school .. send those kids to learn minimal calligraphy with a fountain pen with interchangeable nibs for when the power is out and they need to leave a note under a rock in a sandwich bag on a filecard.

Excuse me gramps, but what a filecard ?

I would absolutely LOVE to see Cintanotes include this feature as an optional view or panel. As it is, browsing through notes to is much more inconvenient than it should be. If you set the preview lines to something large, which allows you to actually read the note directly in the main interface, then scrolling through the list of notes is a pain. If you set the preview lines to something small, then it's easier to quickly scan through your note titles, but then you usually have to doubleclick and open the note in a new window to actually read it, which is annoying (it creates a new window to have to deal with, covers up the note list if you want to compare the content with another one, may require resizing, takes extra time, etc.). Yes, you can always use the search if you want something in particular, but that requires typing, and moreover often you just want to quickly survey the field of notes to see what you have under a tag.

Plus, on a standard widescreen resolution, on a maximized window the lines of text stretch VERY long, which is ugly looking and makes reading difficult. And on short items like bullet pointed to-do lists, you end up with huge amounts of wasted empty space. So there is lots of horizontal real estate to spare for a third panel like this, and it would improve the information hierarchy of the program so much.

I would very much like to make CN my primary information management software, but the lack of of a list panel like this always ends up driving me reluctantly back to Evernote, as annoying and bloated and sluggish as it is. Without a separate notes list, it's like having a reference book without a table of contents or index.

Add layout options such as Thunderbirds classical and 3-columns list. That is the tags sidebar, the notes list containing only titles and a preview for the current note's text. The note's text can be either placed beneath the notes list or as a separate column to the right. Also check this thread here

As i can vote for features only once, this is an update, that this is still one of my favorites features i'd like to have. :)