Search and replace inside of note edit dialog

Alex Jenter il y a 14 ans mis à jour il y a 10 ans 15
Provide a way to find and optionally replace text in the note editor.
editing searching complexity:medium
I dont think 'replace' is as necessary as 'find' is when it comes to note-taking. This isnt intended to be a word processor. But I really need (and I believe everyone who takes a decent amount of notes would also need) the Ctrl-F functionality in notes so I can quickly go to a specific place in the note. I believe you can give a higher priority into making Ctrl-F work inside notes, atleast in the next version?
I understand the need for the find function, but the priority is determined by the voting. If this was really that desperately necessary this idea would have been in the top 10.
Same here. If i really want to replace i can paste the text to some editor and do the job. But searching inside the note is something i often miss.
Добавть возможность поиска непосредственно в определённой заметке (например, по ctrl+F).
Это было бы очень удобной возможностью, т.к. если заметка большая, то глобальный поиск выделяет лишь перевое совпавшее слово в данной заметке, а я хочу видеть все совпадения. Поэтому данная функциональность поиска всех совпадений (и их подсвечивания) в определённой заметке была бы весьма полезной.
This is already on the roadmap: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3169-search-and-replace-inside-of-note-edit-dialog/
Also if you select some text in the editor and press F3/Shift+F3, you can navigate to next/previous instance of the same text.

I like to have this "Search within edit dialog" implemented soon

I had a tough time telling a colleague of mine that there wasn't the windows ubiquitous CTL-F to find in a note.  I showed him the workaround for typing in the word you're looking for in the note, highlighting it, them pressing CTL-F3 and he looked at me like I had three heads.  Then I showed him how to search using the CN main window.  My headcount was reduced to two.  But he walked away from CN amazed that it lacked what every other text or notes editor he's ever seen had ten years ago.  To each his own, but he does have a good point.
Thanks for your comment, Daniel!
Great news - the search (and replace) dialog is planned for the very next update. Actually you can already try it out
in our new beta
That's great news Alex. Hopefully, it will come out of its beta stage by the next revision. This highly anticipated feature will significantly improve user experience. Thanx and more power to CintaNotes.
Thank you, would be glad to hear whether the feature implementation meets your expectations
Thank you for implementing "Search and replace inside of note edit dialog". I have downloaded version 2.6 (May 8, 2014) a while ago and immediately tested the new feature. CintaNotes is now perfect for note-taking tasks.
Glad that you liked our implementation! You're welcome!