Alarms (reminders) in notes

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated by cintanotes 3 years ago 28
To each note it should be possible to assign a reminder alarm. On alarm going off, CintaNotes should pop up a window with, for example, the note's text.
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Great Idea, I need it!!!!!!
I think so! I should be great!
Should I use it for task management?
I use CintaNotes in my workplace, and this feature is missing for me!
I should be a useful feature.
I would use Cinta much more if it had this feature. I keep notes of what I need to do as well as general information. I would also request that it is possible to delete the note when the reminder pops up in order to keep the note book clean.

Perhaps while you're adding in timing feature you could add in note expiry time. Couldn't find this mentioned elsewhere. For example, I might keep a note that there is a trade event coming up on 5th June, I do not need to see that note on the 6th June. It should be possible to auto-delete.

If you add alarms, then you also should show an alert window (a list of all notes due today or overdue).

The user should see the notes title, the due date and also some colors (one color for due today and an other color for overdue.

In the alert window a double click on a note opens the note in the note editor.

The user also can select one ore multiple notes (using [CTRL] or [SHIFT]) and select the following options from combo boxes.

Combo box Set new due:

  • set due to tomorrow
  • set due +2 days
  • set due +2 days
  • set due +1 week
  • set due +2 week
  • set due +1 month
Here the user can change the due date (so the note disappears from the alert window).

Combo box Set new reminder:

  • remind me in 5 minutes
  • remind me in 10 minutes
  • remind me in 20 minutes
  • remind me in 30 minutes
  • remind me in 1 hour
  • remind me in 2 hours
So the user can set an new reminder, but the original due date is not changed.
Also here the note disappears from the reminder.

Maybe some other user have additional ideas.
Good idea.  If this alarm function, when implemented, was fully configurable with complete options, such as when, frequency/repeat, sound file or pop-up and so forth, I could eliminate a note alarm-reminder program I currently have running, and instead use CintaNotes.
I really like this idea as well. CintaNotes with Alarms / Reminders would be incredibly useful!
Sincerely hope that this feature is incorporated in the very near future.
Lack of an alarm feature is the only thing that holds me back from adopting this app.  Some notes are just for reference but there are others that are associated with a date and time and need to go off when the time comes.  Until that feature is incorporated, EccoPro will have to do. 

One workaround for this I have tried has been to use the properties to manually set a "Modified Date" in the future.

I then order the notes by decending Modified Date and all the things I have to do are at the top of the list.

Reminders will be better with things like alarms and SMS etc being nice to have but for now this is working for me.

Just another 'me too' note.

I have used Cintanotes only for several months in my work environment but I discover I need this feature more and more. Could be anything for a quick reminder to call someone back to mile-stone dates for a long running project.

I my opinion three things most be done.

1. Add the possibility to add a 'reminder' date. I suppose this field can be added to the properties window.

2. Make Cintanotes aware of the 'reminder' dates and generate the reminder when the date-time is reached. This reminder can be the note itself or a small window with a link to the note, an option to pospone the reminder for a certain amount of time and an option to remove the 'reminder' date.

3. Have an automatically populated tag with all notes with a 'reminder' date-time in the future. This tag should be sorted ascending to see the upcoming notes first. 



I need cintanotes as notebook for my projects. For global project planing I use Mindmanager from Mindjet Vers.12

Mindmanager has a very good working reminder function.

There you can add to every note an alarm:

Note name = Alarm text

Select date from a mini. calender

select hour with "00:00" digits

You can add or change the Alarm text with additional Information like: "make a call"

If you want, you can export the alarm as a date to outlook, so you can syncronice to mobile devices -> very very functionally !

Also you get an alarm in a pc- windows, overdue up, where you can decide to:

delete the selected alarm,

remind in future:

Remind me in 5 minutes

"... 15 minutes

... 30 minutes

... 1 hour

... 2 hours

... 4 hours

... 8 hours

... 1 day

... 2 days

... 4 days

... 15 days

... 1 month

select a new alarm" this works

or you can jump from the window to the note in the program.

In the program you can open a list with all active alarms - so you can check, change or delete your planed reminders. Thats also very important and usefull

In my opinion is this function a must have for project doing and if I have a wish free - do it for me :-)

Excuse my terrible english 

Thanks a lot for your comment, we'll definitely take it into consideration when implementing this feature.

I just bought the program and stupidly assumed it had an alarm. Why, after all these years hasn't the alarm been implemented? This is only half a program without it.
Hi Stuart, 
thanks for supporting us and sorry that CintaNotes has disappointed you in regard of this feature. If you wish, I could issue a refund to you, just drop a line to support@cintanotes.com.

Alarms in notes are planned for this year, they haven't been implemented yet because there are lots of competing user demands, and because there are just 2 non-full-time developers. If you have a blog, you can dramatically increase this feature's priority via asking people to vote here.
Thanks, Alex, for your offer of refund. So far, I like the program very much, but for the lack of alarm. Right now I'm just loading it up from my old program, so haven't tried all the option you've built into it yet. I appreciate the work you've donet and will wait for the upgrade. Good luck!
Thanks, Stuart! Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding CN functionality.
I have been waiting for this particular feature and have been holding off on my License renewal.  Still holding on with v2.1 till Reminders and Alarms are implemented.  I can then giveup on all the other utilities and CintaNotes will be my only go to app.
Thanks for your comment! This feature is quite high on our list, but unfortunately some other features are higher. But if you drive more people to this page and get them to vote, it can change things ;)
scheduling alerts for notes is a MUST HAVE! have a TAB solely with a monthly calendar and color coded dates depending on how I tagged a particular alert is a must for total note taking/GTD domination... isn't that your goal Alex!
It is! If you've seen our recent survey and its results, we are going to prioritize this feature quite soon!


Any idea when this feature will be implemented? This and ability to paste images inline would make it my only go to note app.

We hope to implement this by the end of the year.


Been waiting for this feature for 5 years.  Any updates?

Sorry that it's taking so long. You see, alarms is not core functionality for a note-taking application. We recognize that there a lot of demand for this feature, but currently we consider the task to rethink and refresh the UI to be more important.

Check out how subtly alarms are made in QuotePad (it’s kinda CintaNotes without tabs and tags).