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Does not create a backup (daily and weekly).

Viktor 9 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 9 years ago 9
Does not create a backup (daily and weekly).
Version 2.8.6
OS Windows 8.1
Under review
Thanks for the report! How about 2.9, have you tried it?
Version 2.9
Does not create a backup (daily and weekly) too.
Hmm, I can't reproduce it. Could you please send your cintanotes.settings file to support@cintanotes.com ? thanks!
In cintanotes.settings file "backup.checkperiod.minutes = 5"
If you use the program every day less than 5 minutes, then the backup is not created.
Please add a check for creating a backup when you start the program or when the program exits.
That's right, CN must run for at least 5 minutes to create a backup files. This is done to optimize startup time.
May I ask why you run CN for less than 5 minutes when it is designed to permanently run in the system tray?
I use the portable version on USB Flash drive.
I run the CintaNote only when I need to make a note. And I immediately close the program.
It usually takes less than 5 minutes.
Thanks for the info. Well this is highly unusual way to use the program. I suggest you simply change the "backup.checkperiod.minutes" parameter to 1, this should reduce the problem (don't change it to 0, this will make the app unresponsive). Note that backup is a background process that is designed to run while the program is idle, and since you run CN for such a short time, there's no guarantee that backup will be able to finish before you exit the program. You can however also do a manual backup which runs in foreground using the File/Backup/Backup Now command.
Thanks for the help.