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Clip text into currently edited note

Alex Jenter 13 jaar geleden bijgewerkt 8 jaar geleden 6
Ctl-F12 pastes selected text into a new note. When I am editing a note, however, there are times I want the selected text pasted into the note I'm editing, rather than into a new note. It would be helpful if Ctl-F12 had an option to direct selected text either into a new note or into the currently open note. If a note is not being edited, then Ctl-F12 would work as it does now. (http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=880)
In case the selected text comes from a browser the URL should also be copied inside the note text rather than to the link-field. I use CN to store all my favorite browser links. A group of links is stored in a single note. That way i don't need to create multiple notes each having nothing but the title and the link.

It's good idea, because only Firefox can multiply selections, but with limitations. And for example i very often found info that must be selected in 2 or more places on page.

Multiple clips into the note which is under editing/into note taken previously

For ex. : Ctrl-F12 crating new note A

trl-Alt(or whatever can be reached with left hand)-F12 writing new clip into note A

Thanks for the comment Carsten!