Add paragraph spacing to bulleted and numbered lists

Thomas Lohrum hace 11 años actualizado por Christof Deininger hace 9 años 15
I'd like to have spacing between paragraphs of a bullet list. This is to improve clarity.

  • ssssssssssssss
  • xxxxxxxxxxx
  • yyyyyyyyyyy
editing complexity:medium


Actually it would fit the bill to add an extra line after pressing ENTER before the next bullet will be created. That way no custom painting is necessary. It could be implemented as an option. 
But you can press Shift+Enter now to create this extra line, doesn't it fit the bill?
After you press Shift+Enter you need to press Enter to create the next bullet list. In that case CN stops bulleting, however. Also rather than having an empty line which belongs to the paragraph i think it is cleaner to have an extra line between paragraphs. For numbered lists this might be different. If the separator line belongs to the paragraph, the numbering will continue, whereas in the other case it would start with one again. Whatever, to pick up on your suggestion: Is this actually a bug? As long as i press Shift+Enter the bulleting should not stop, but add empty lines. Only when i press Enter on an empty line, it should stop.
There's a fine line between a bug and a feature, as you know ;) I'd argue that since WordPad and Word behave the in same way, this is not a bug. You can continue bulleting if you add a single space to the empty line. I understand that this is cumbersome. The really correct way to do this would be increase a bit the default paragraph spacing (paragraph's bottom margin). However, this will influence not only lists, but regular paragraphs as well.
//since WordPad and Word behave the in same way
I can not confirm. In MS-Word as long as i press Shift+Enter a new line belonging to the paragraph will be added.
Indeed. I only checked WordPad and assumed that Word should behave the same. Wrong :)
It should fit the bill, if Shift+Enter would be supported to create empty lines as MS-Word does.
Ok. I'd even treat that is doesn't support this as a bug. I've registered it here: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/451396-/
This issue will thus be closed. Thanks for your help)
Thanks for creating a bug request to this. However i think this issue here should not be closed. This is a "true" solution, since it offers an option for paragraph spacing, whereas the other is a workaround by manually creating empty lines.
Ok, let's leave it open and see if it has user demand
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.