Recycle bin for notes

Alex Jenter vor 14 Jahren aktualisiert vor 11 Jahren 11
Deleted notes should first go into the recycle bin. This would also allow to get rid of the "are you sure" message box on deleting.
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Released in 2.1

Firstly, I suggest making "Are you sure message" disablable, instead of fully getting rid of it.

Secondly, Recycle Bin function can be easily implemented using already existing tagging model: in the options window let user type a tag which would be exclusively used to mark deleted notes. Let's say user names it "bin", or "trash". When he hit's delete, note gets marked with tag "trash" (keeping all previous tags it was assigned).

And to make things more organic, the user-defined "trash" label shows near the "All" and "Untagged" system lables, so he won't see deleted messages browsing "All" or "Untagged" categories.

Thirdly, would be nice to Shift+Del notes so they get deleted instantly, without getting into Recycle Bin. Total Commander fans would appreciate :)
This is a very nice idea, but the problem here is that the code will have to detect this special tag and exclude the note from view when the user is browsing one of its tags, which will be MUCH slower than simple filtering by a boolean column introduced into the Notes DB table.
I missed it out..

Just trying not to bring any new entities unless it's inevitable.

Is there any possibility to combine both approaches and keep trash-tagged notes also boolean-marked in the DB (i.e. keep trash-tag presense and DB "deleted" column value synchronized)?
It is possible, but introduces possibility of db corruption, when there is a tag but no boolean flag and vice versa. Treating booleans as periodically updated cache could help though.
really a good idea:)

Alex, great to see you started implementing this feature. Just yesterday i thought how important my data is and how easy it can be deleted accidentally. Recycle Bin will be a great security feature to me.

Yes, this feature is long overdue.. also will be great for Simplenote interoperability, since Simplenote has Trash and currently we don't..

Alex, i suggest an extended clean-up feature. Deleted notes in recycle bin should be physically deleted after a configurable period, e.g. after 30 days. This could be an option, as other users might want to keep their trash forever ;)

To be more specific, "Delete notes older than X days", not to be confused with "Empty Recycle Bin every X days", so every note lives X days.

30 days is a sane default value.

Thanx for clarifying. That's exactly what i mean.

Agreed and added to the spec, thanks!

Released in 2.1