Autotagging: automatic rule-based tag assignment

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 8 years ago 15
Allow to define rules which are applied to new notes and categorize them automatically based on regexp matching on different note fields or some other criteria (text size, current time, etc.)
taking/clipping organizing complexity:hard
An automatic tag  learning system will exponentially multiply CinNotes power. It'll take it to the same class as Evernote or Zoot.
CN is a wonderfully fast PIM application. But auto tagging will be a standout feature. Please take this up.

I'm ready to pay for this.
I disagree, that request is indeed a subset of this request, but implementing it is much, much easier than implementing this request. So I think it makes sense if it stands on its own.


No, this will actually add tags to notes

Actually these are two related questions:

1) option to assign some tags on new notes, it will help to sort it later;

2) option to left tags empty when hotkey "new note" pressed in another app.

Hi jww,

what about:

1) http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3183-autotagging-automatic-rule-based-tag-assignment/

2) turning off Options/Clipping/After clipping/Assign Currently Active Tags ?

I use tags like "DT/Weekday/Thursday" to find all notes belonging to a thursday. And "DT/Day/30" or "DT/Month/09".

If I could tag "09/10/2013" or "10.09.2013" and tags are added to find directly all events in september that would be great!

A tag "DT/Today" would show notes with tag "DT/2013-09-26" (example for current day). So, this would be ruled tags based on other tags; maybe too complex...

Many more automatic tags are possible when You think about time span, count of days, etc.

The same is possible to achieve with searching by regular expressions.

Search like "Appointment.+\d\d\.09\.2013" would also be great!

Thanks a lot for CintaNotes!


Attention all voters for this issue: a first beta of this feature is available now

Released in v3.2