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Sort Bullet/Numbered List

Adam Bryan hace 11 años actualizado por Boris Monti hace 8 años 4

I have come across this a couple of times where I will create a list of items and will add or remove items from that list as and when necessary. However it would be easier if the list could be sorted a click of the button. I know a easy solution is to always keep the list sorted by adding the item in the correct place, but there are times when I'm in a hurry and to put it bluntly can't be bothered to work out where an entry should fit.

It's just a thought!

editing sorting complexity:easy

Hi Adam, can you please tell, what would be the key to sort? Just the text itself? Can you provide an example? Thanks! Thomas

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Adam probably means alpha-sorting of the list items. Am I right, Adam? Thanks

in a note, select a number of lignes with mouse -> right clic to show menu -> select 'sort asc' or 'sort desc'