CN rewrites settings file on every run AND close, even if no settings changed

burrum 12 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 12 year бұрын 3

Assume we have a CN folder with a DB. Write down .settings date/time attribute.

1. Open CN. Notice how .settings modified date changed.
2. Wait a minute
3. Close CN. Notice modified date changed again.

Once I could catch a moment when the size of the .settings file was 0 bytes, and got back to its previous size after directory refresh. So I assume it gets rewritten.

I think correct behavior would be when .settings file is not touched on startup (except the first time, when it is created on startup if absent), and is written only when any setting is changed via the program UI.

startup files configuring


Fixed in 1.6.1
I agree with you, but could you tell how this behavior is disturbing your work?
This is necessary to determine priority. Thanks!

It doesn't disturbe my work in any way. From this point of view it doesn't require high priority. I posted it not to forget and because such things are not easily noticed, unfortunately.

The only bad effect coming to my mind is few more writes to my flash USB drive, but it's minor.

Well anyway, thanks for reporting!)