Mark a whole line e.g. bold with one key stroke

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Until now it was possible to hit CTRL-B to mark a whole line as bold (when no character was selected). I used this feature daily to accent headlines within notes.

Unfortunately this was considered as a bug which got fixed now.

So I request to get new key combinations to set the formatting for a whole line. E.g. CTRL+SHIFT+B for bold and so on...

editing complexity:easy text-formatting keyboard

I like that a lot. Great idea Chris. I've just tested the combinations Ctrl+Shift+U/B/I/K. They are not used yet and can be used to support your suggestion. After all, the changes make CN behave to standards, still offering cool features.

It is one of the power features I use all day long when formatting notes.
Please bring it back, maybe make it a preference setting.
It realy beats selecting a whole line, everytime you want format a header
When you want to format part of a line, selecting that would already work fine.

No bug, but one of my favorites!

This feature is what set this note-taking program apart from others. Every other program came with the standard behavior which I found to always be poorly-designed. When I discovered this program's behavior for text-formatting, I found it to be so much intuitive. I find myself typically typing my notes and responding to what is typed instead of planning it out. The ability to format after typing instead of anticipating my notes and planning their format is what set this program apart from others and, to be honest, the only reason I liked this program. It may be a "bug" but it became a feature which was useful.
Thanks for your input, Revsiak! I agree that the standards are not always convenient. As soon as this idea collects 10 upvotes, I'll add to to the pipeline for CN 2.6 or 2.7.
I would also add the Ctrl+Shift+H for highlighting.
I gave up a favorite feature for a desparately needed other one by moving from 2.3 to 2.6.1.
Thanks for implementing the find-inside-a-note, but could we have back the original bold-the-line with simple control-B when nothing is selected? Pleeeaaaase?  Therewas no reason to eliminate this practical and productive feature, otherwise than the lack of an existing convention to hang on to. Should you remove valuable functionality because you are the only one to provide it? Can anyone point out the disadvantage of keeping this keystroke combination?
Same goes of course for control-I or other style control keys.

Thanks for considering the Return of the Control-B.
Good News Ron. It's already there with 2.7 beta 1 available here Cintanotes-Beta. Inside the menu Options->Editor->Format By select "Paragraph" to get the desired functionality.
Hi Ron,
Thanks for your comment!
Thomas is correct - we plan to return this functionality with a special option.
Also it will be possible to use the "alternative" way via adding Shift to the shortcut.
Fortunately this has already been realized :-)
Can be marked as completed.
Indeed :) Thanks, Chris!