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With version 2.0 CintaNotes adds links to other notes. That is, you can create a link to point to some other note, but in turn it is not possible to see which notes are pointing "at you".

B links A
C links A

Now, when i view A i want to see, that B+C are pointing at A.

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I would even like to go further. Currently we can link in the text of a note to another note. And with this idea implemented we can see which notes link to the current note. 

That is nice but the limitation is that you can only make a link (I like the word relationship better btw) to another note by using text. When I have a note about a certain project I would like to make a link to certain projectmembers without adding their names to the text of the initial project note. And I already have notes for each projectmember with contact information about them. 

I would like a view in which you can add link (relationships) to other notes (on notename only). I can then add 5 projectmembers to that projectnote without using their names in the text. That is important as the projectnote is about the project and not about the members. But when I look at the projectnote I do see directly who is related to this projectnote. 

When the related notes can be grouped on the fly that would even be better. I can link the 5 projectmember to the projectnote with a relationshipgroup "projectmembers" and for instance 3 clientnotes with a relationshipgroup "Projects clients". This would be a nice to have though ... :-).

As most screens are fairly wide these days (typing this on a 14 inch full-hd laptop screen) I would like to see al related/linked notes in a seperate view on the right site of the note when you open it. when you can hide / collapse it that would be nice.  

Hope to here from you ...

Kind regards,
Jeroen Roeterd
Hi Jeroen, 
Thanks for a great comment. I'd like to ask why you don't consider tags as such inter-note relationships? For example, you could have tags like "Project1", "ProjectMember". So when you wanted to see all members of Project1, you'd simply Ctrl+Click these two tags.
On the other hand, to add 5 project members to the project note, just tag the member-notes with Project1 tag.
Or do I misunderstand your rationale?
Hallo Alex,

Thanks for your reaction.
For me it is about insight in the relationships between notes in your database. With tags I have to explicitly know what I want to find and then I have to search for it, or ctrl-click the correct tags. With the solution as I propose you get insight in the relationships between notes without explicitly looking for it or knowing the relationship is there.

The relationship can be anything like the projectmembers I mentioned in my example but also somebody you met on a certain event where you made a note about and added the person to as a relationship. Looking at the person you are instantly reminded where you know them from and looking to the event note you see all the persons you meet there.

This is idea is inspired by my use of TheBrain software. In that software you can link every thought with every other thougt (a thought is like a note in cintanotes). It makes unexpected or long forgotten relationships between notes in your database visible.

I hope this explanation gives you more insight in why I would like this kind of view.

Kind regards,
Jeroen Roeterd
Jeroen, sorry for the delayed reply.
Well I get a bit of feeling that you're trying to turn CintaNotes into a full fledged mind mapping software, which it is not. If you need mind mapping, wouldn't it be better to take specialized software? Why CintaNotes?

No problem ... I am not in a hurry :-).

I do not want to turn Cintanotes in a full fledged mind mapping tool but only borrow some good parts of them :-).

Most mindmaps are restricted in how wide/large they can become (before getting to cumbersome to use) and personally I do not care for the graphical presentation that most mindmaps use. I am interested in the relations between my notes.

I find most personal organisers or mindmaps working OK for a relative limited number of notes, thoughts, entries whatever the trerm is they use. As I plan to use the software to build a knowledgebase about me and related subjects so a mindmap is not the right tool for me as the number would become to large.

In the past I only found two pieces of software that did this in a nice way Evernote 2.2 (later versions I find worse) and TheBrain (brilliant software but huge in resources and I experienced several database corruptions with normal use). And now Cintanotes. I am in the proces of moving my Evernote / TheBrain notes to Cintanotes as I like it very much but while using it I find that I rely on the visual relations that are visible in TheBrain quite a lot and I wonder if we can have that in Cintanotes too. I have about 2600 notes in TheBrain and about 1200 in Evernote so the number can grow quite large over the years.

Why Cintanotes ... ? A like how quick it is to open and add notes to it. I like the editor, tags and the overall esthetics. And of course the low resources it uses. I plan on using it a long time. I also value how it is developed. In a slow pace with carefull consideration about what gets added and why.

I also saw a roadmap wish about "Tag relations explorer" which is kind of what I would like to see but then for tags.

About the origin of my question:
TheBrain has a free version of there software with some features disabled but the strong relationships visibility is there in the free version. I would suggest you try it for a few hours or days/week to discover how much value is added by the direct visibility of the relations between thoughts. ( I am not affiliated with thebrain btw :-)).

Thanks for listening to me ...

Kind regards,
Hi Jeroen,
Thanks a lot for the elaborate comment. I can understand your reasoning. However we need to prioritize, and now we do it with the help of people's votes. It is not perfect, but it is at least something that gives us the feeling of how demanded the feature really is. Currently this idea only has 3 upvotes, which is really low. So I suggest to return to this conversation once this idea gets to at least top 25. You're welcome to advertise this idea btw!
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.