DPI awareness

Alex Jenter 14 year бұрын updated by Norman Eckstein 7 year бұрын 13
I have a Full HD monitor using text size at 150% (144 DPI), since your application isn't DPI aware Win 7 scales it making the application look blurry, I've not tried XP scaling mode as most of the time it causes even more problems.
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Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.
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Imo the issue should be declined. If this is really of interest it should be a feature request, not a bug report.
I agree) Now it's a feature request)
Hi! Could you please revisit this issue? HiDPI laptops and hybrids are becoming more mainstream - like the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 at 3200x1800 - and CintaNotes scales blurrily with that resolution, so it's usable but not pretty. (On a lower resolution you'll need to zoom in to see the blurriness). 


Hi Maxwell, 
thanks a lot for your comment. Since our resources are very limited, we generally put into the pipeline only issues with 10+ votes (save the issues which are trivial). This issue will be difficult to fix, probably we'll need to refactor the whole graphics subsystem, hence we need to see the demand expressed in votes. Hope you understand!
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.
Under review

Thanks for the report! A screenshot would be nice though

I agree, please find screenshot attached

Please view the screenshot in fullsize so that the problem is easier to see.

Reopened old idea devoted to the same topic. Got you some votes.

DPI awareness is very important, CintaNotes looks shitty on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 because of this issue.