Show size of note when sorting for size

Thomas Lohrum 12 років тому оновлено Alex Jenter 7 років тому 8
When sorting for size please show the size of each note in the notes list. This helps for selecting notes, that one might get rid off and keep the database clean.
notes-list sorting


Under review

What is the size of note?

Lines, bytes, KB, MB...
Lines would be a "count-number". A smart display could distinguish between KB and MB depending on the size itself, e.g. 0.1 KB - 999 KB and 0,977 MB - infinite (technically spoken). More user friendly: 0.1 KB - 999 KB and 1,0 MB - infinite.
CN does not show any (date) value at all when sorting for size in the notes list. Showing the size comes at no charge. It adds logical benefit to the notes list. The size must not be shown for any other sort option.
What good for is sorting for size, when the sort item itself can not be seen? Also with the present implementation no value is shown at all. Displaying the size of the note comes at no cost. Adding the value in the search list completes the feature itself.
At the latest when file attachements will be implemented the feature won't be an option, but a mandatory addition.
Thomas, I totally agree that this will be a necessary addition.

Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry. It can be reopened later if another user requests this feature