Roadmap: Be more specific about planed features

MuadDib 14 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 14 years ago 3
Within the roadmap, feature suggestions are marked as "planed", "under review" etc. When a feature is planed, it would be nice to get more specific information: Is it they planed as an optional feature (i.e. some sort of plugin), or something that will be part of the core app?

Perhaps the "planed" state can be split in "planed as core feature" and "planed as optional feature" or the like?


As it is in the sense of both the developer and many users to keep CN simple and don't go into the "featurism" trap, it would be comforting to see at first glance whether a feature is optional, and hence won't necessarily bloat the code that *every* user will have to install.
"Planned" state only means that this feature is accepted for implementation. It does not mean that the implementation plan is ready.
CintaNotes design philosophy dictates that all features which significantly influence performance are optional. Also the features which have "external" tag are planned as separate extension modules.
Thanks. So if a feature is marked "planed" but "external" will be part of the core app?
It will most probably be implemented as an optional extension (plugin) or even as a standalone app.