Do we really need "move list position to saved note"?

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When I press Ctrl-S in my note, notes list always repositions at this saved note. Usually I write "quick and dirty" notes, and from time to time I decide to rearrange and group it in one "big and stable" note, i.e that's the list of my quick notes:

(some other notes)
29.07 find and read that book about japan ghosts
(some other notes)
12.07 Das Kapital!
10.06 to read - Phänomenologie des Geistes, Mike says it's funny!
(some other notes)
(some other notes)
2.05 Didn't get through "Das Kapital". Try it again a bit later.

And now i'm trying to gather it all and to write a big note about books, and I search through my list for all notes about it, say I'm at my april-may notes, I see that note about Das Kapital and cut-n-paste it to my new big note. Then I press Ctrl-S in the new note and WHOOPS - my current "april-may" position it the list is lost and I look at the end of list again/
Very irritating.

searching date-time

I find it irritating too, most of the times. Maybe the list should be refreshed only, when a new search is started.

Thank you very much for your request. 

The problem is quite clear and will be considered by developers soon.  

Arseniy, could you also check this


please? That suggestion is quite old, and it's not very popular (maybe because there are not many Russain users of CN), but as far as I understand it's not very hard to implement, and it seems like very harmless change. I'm a bit tired of clicking through all of these meaningless

Set "selection.followedited" to 0 in cintanotes.settings

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