Open other companion software from cintanotes via links

Paul Barca 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 8
I use a software for saving webpages as a companion to cintanotes. I can open a relevant surfulater article from the 'link' box in notes, so my request is either multiple link boxes to link to multiple articles from just one note in cintanotes OR treating the link to open other softwares like a web URL link, which can have multiple links in the main note body  itself 
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Hello Paul, thanks for the idea! 
Could you tell why is it not possible to just use the "Insert Link" function in the note body?
Hi Paul, i use CintaNotes to store all my link favorites. One note may contain several urls related to one issue. The note's text will hold all urls. I don't need the explicit link field in these cases. Shift+F7 will open all links in one single step! It works like a charm using Chrome, though Firefox has problems when there are many links.
Alex, when I try to enter the link eg sulkb://kb=30_11_13,Fid=New~Records,Rid=5677 into the note body using "Insert Link" as a URL the link is underlined and blue (as a web URL would be) but clicking on it doesn't open the webpage in surfulater. However, when I put the link above in the link box I can open it perfectly.

Thanks for your feedback Thomas. :-)
Hi Paul, activating the link in the notes text might require to hold the ctrl-key while clicking on it. Also check your settings options/editor/links.
Holding the Ctrl key whilst clicking the link I pasted into the note body opened it perfectly. Many thanks Thomas!! 

Alex please retire this suggestion as I now have my solution. It's good to get feedback on this great piece of software!
You're welcome. I am glad you are now satisfied with the product entirely, just as i am. ;)
Cool, thanks a lot Thomas!
I'll also add that it's possible to configure CN to open links on a single click if you want: Options/Editor/Links/Single-Click Links.