Different levels of tag relevance to a certain note

Alex Jenter 13 years ago updated by Christof Deininger 9 years ago 3
I think it'd be nice if there is an option to choose to disable automatic alphabetical ordering on the note preview and in the edit window so that the tags can be shown in typed order (in other words, the same as how the tags are shown in the Tags textbox on the edit window before saving and closing the window). This wouldn't need to be applied to the tag sidebar because there'd be no point in that.
( http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1124)


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In the forum it is suggested to indicate the level of tag "relevance" by it's order in tag field.

Another possible approach is to introduce a "level of relevance" of a tag to a given note. It could be simple 3 or 5 grade level, or in the worst case, any integer number. In case with 3 grade relevancy, it could look like this:

And the fast keyboard input would work as follows:

1. Type some letters to spawn autocomplete window

2. Use Up/Down arrows to select a tag

3. Use Left/Right arrows to select relevancy from 1 to 3 points

4. Press Enter to confirm

5. Relevancy points are indicated next to the tag

In case with any integer number, tag input could look like this: "dog*9 pet*6 animal*3" (using an example by faus in forum thread).

This is a fancy feature, however, I don't see any point implementing it (at least now), because:

1. It seems to introduce more complexity than benefit. I cannot imagine how this feature enhances user experience.

2. Planned feature "Tag grouping/hierarchy" [1] might be somwhere near this one.

[1] http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3182-tag-groupinghierarchy/

Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.