Being able to select paragraphs within notes and assign tags to them, then have them show up in the search just like the overall notes. Like OneNote only better.

Blake King 9 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 9
Being able to select paragraphs within notes and assign tags to them, then have them show up in the search just like the overall notes. Like OneNote only better.

This would allow you to say, take notes for a class or a book, then tag individual paragraphs which relate to some other subject or overall idea.
Thanks for the up votes! This feature would add a whole new ability to organize notes. It may be hard to implement but it would put cintanotes WAY ahead of anything else out there.

Imagine slicing and dicing notes in any way you want. Maybe a section of your notes has to do with some other topic, just tag that paragraph... then search for that tag in cinta and you'll find all of the note sections related it to.

I hope everyone sees the value in this.
I am interested in the idea and would like to hear if you have already gave thought to how this should effect CN?

The tagging part should be easy and would not interfere that much with the actual concept (IMHO).

The interesting part is how this should effect the presentation of notes (and the presentation of a search result).
Should one have the choice between showing notes and/or paragraphs?
Should we always see and work with a list of notes but paragraphs are somehow represented in addition or as part of the notes?
How would a search result look like? Would I only see the paragraphs which match the tags or also the notes containing those paragraphs?

I am curious to hear more about how you envision this idea!

Best Regards
First the userinterface:

Within the note editor of a full note, you would have a button in the toolbar, which could either be pinned or unpinned (down or up).

When it is down, the note editor contents are pushed to the right (or maybe the entire window expands)... such to allow room for a left column (almost like some apps have line numbers in a left margin).... this are will include the tags for any paragraphs or groups of paragraphs. Then maybe vertical line inbetween the tags and the contents, showing which paragraphs are tagged with these tags.

Now, the search would be the same as now. It would show all full notes and partial notes. Maybe you could have a toggle button to show only one. And maybe a way of seeing if it's partial or full....

Oh, and another thing.. if it IS partial, there should be a link to the full note.

I'm attaching an image showing how the UI would look.

Thanks for the suggestion, Blake!
Thanks for putting this under review... does this mean you are considering the feature?
Yes, but it will need many more votes for us to start working on it.

This was the killer feature of CircusPonies Notebook. They just closed shop last week and left a big void. Now there are zero mac apps (other than onenote that forbids local storage) that allow one to tag individual items on a notebook page and then gather them to look at later. This still amazes me that with all the similar note-taking apps out there, this one giant feature is missing from them all... even evernote doesn't have it. Only MS onenote with its lack of local storage and Circusponies (now shuttered)


Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry. It can be reopened later if another user requests this feature