"Rolodex", "Teledex" views of tags

Alex Jenter 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

This would be the ability to (optionally) define two "views" values for
a tag. The first would be a "teledex view" parameter for the tag, which
is either "ON" or "OFF".

If you defined a "teledex view" value of ON, say, and had notes with the
tag "addresses" then the section view, would be all the names of your
contacts (encoded in the note title), without any note body being
displayed, for example.

Secondly, there would be a "riffle view" parameter as well, which would
be a non-zero positive value which simply defines a number of lines to
be displayed of the notes body, on a per tag basis.

If the "teledex view" is enabled, then when a "single click" of the
notes title is done, then the "riffle view" number of lines is displayed
in the section view for that note only. Secondly what is displayed, can
be selected in whole or part and copied, without the note being opened
for editing. Another "single click" on the notes title would close the
"riffle view".

If the "teledex view" for a tag is disabled, and a "riffle view"
parameter value for a tag is defined, then it over-rides the default
number of note body lines that are displayed for all notes.

There would be another tag attribute you could set, which would be
"Alternating", which would alternately shade successive note titles for
clarity of reading, if the "teledex view" parameter for a tag is enabled.

Such view definitions are fixed, non-dynamic, and totally agnostic to
any "structure" inside a note. It would be up to the notes user to
maintain standards within the target tagged notes.

There is also scope for "A-Z0-9" "Teledex" / "Rolodex" index-jump
capability when scrolling through a section-view of a tag, as well, that
you could enable, in addition to the LHS Scroll-bar.

(suggested by Brian W.)


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