Follow links inside note = wiki

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Make it possible to open links inside an active note/window.  Then Cintanotes would be a great desktop-wiki. 

editing complexity:medium links
À l'étude

Isn't that already possible?? You just have to double click the link, if I understand want you want well...

Hi Mélanie, the idea is to show the linked note without opening a new editor window. Instead show the note in the same edtior, just like you do with your browser. I know there is also a request to open the next/previous note of the list in the same editor, which is a similar request in that it requires one editor only. However i couldn't find it. Thomas

Than it would open the linked-note i so that would have to notes open. I would like to open the linked-note and close the note with the link at same time, so that I would still have only one note open, like a webb-browser.

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