tag drop down is cut off on monitor border

ChrisCN il y a 9 ans mis à jour par Alex Jenter il y a 9 ans 7
this annoys me for quite a time - but never found time to report it...

If you have the editor window open and type in some tags the drop down gets larger than the screen border
Image 69
editing tags keyboard
Hi Chris,
I can't quite reproduce this - for me the dropdown becomes a drop-up as soon as there not enough space on the bottom. Doesn't it happen for you? Or maybe this is an issue of a threshold which is a bit off?
Yes, I tried it on my second machine and there I get a drop-up.
Maybe the cause is the multi-monitor setup I use on the machine where the drop-down is cut off?
That is very probable. How are your two monitors set up, what are their resolutions and how are they positioned to each other?
I suspect that one is taller than the other, and CN takes the whole virtual desktop Y size..
Thanks Chris! This will help.