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General ranges to filter by (prio, date, time, etc.)

Noah 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Alex Jenter 9 lat temu 1
First of all: I love CintaNotes; the GUI with its surface feeling, the stable way it works. Great!

When You work with this tool You get really quick the idea storing things there that are more dedicated to be stored in a knowledge base tool (exp. ultra recall; good but not far so good GUI and not updated).

To come a little more closer to this, I suggest implementing tag ranges.
Like a tag belongs to a parent tag (hierarchy of tags), it could belong to a range.
Programmers know ranges very well: they are called enumerations.

So, consider a tag enumeration group "A, B, C, D" which is a classical priorization from A to D (s. GTD).
I give each tag an order no. like A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4.

Please, this is an easy example with only 4 items; think about some more items;-)

Now, there are some ways to filter by enumeration: in the search bar by expressions and in the tag bar.

The search bar is easier to imagine; for the tag bar I suggest a right click on a tag "start here" and "until here", so that for example tags B to D are used in filtering.

This implementation itself could be helpful: select a tag by clicking first and last; but search in search bar would not work this way. Maybe using the shift key to select multiple elements at once like in an explorer.

The tag folder "prio" with "prio/A"-"prio/D" could itself have the property "enumeration".

A tag enumeration is not possible when filtering a date/time range; there are other suggestions for this.
Merging the ideas together would be nice.

I think complexity may be hard for this as some more things may to be thought about...

Thanks a lot for CintaNotes!
tag-sidebar searching organizing date-time complexity:hard
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Hi Noah, thanks a lot for your kind words and for a solid idea!
Please take a look here, this is another suggestion of a similar idea which might be a bit easier to implement: