Tabs for notebooks

Alex Jenter 12 років тому оновлено Paul Barca 10 років тому 14
a a from BDJ suggested:
"Allow multiple databases/notebooks to be open at same time in one window, and have a tab for each one. I know there is a suggestion for tabs on the roadmap, but that seems to be about using tabs for different sections of a single notebook. Not sure if my idea is already on the roadmap, but it shouldn't be too hard to implement as you just need to wrap the current window in a tab control (or you could roll-your-own tab/button control), and handle switching between notebook tabs.  "
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I was just coming over here to look for this.  The current Recently Used Files list has two drawbacks.  First, I forget which notebook I have mapped to which number (if my memory was better, perhaps I wouldn't need CN :-).  Second, the number can change as notebooks are closed. 

A Notebook Bar (toggleable from the View menu) would let me quickly switch from one to another.  As with the Sections Bar, perhaps there could be an "All" that would let me see/search notes across all open notebooks, although that starts to complicate matters.
Thanks for your input on the issue, Gunars! You are absolutely right about the File menu being not very usable. However I doubt that having two tab rows one below the other would be a much better solution. Probably making sections vertical or moving them to the botton could be a better alternative. So still need to ponder on it..
A control at the bottom does require more mouse movement. A control similar to the tag sidebar , placed above the tag sidebar sounds interesting, as it would allow a simple click to switch the database.
Only people will complain that it steals space from tags :)
Maybe a Combox in the main UI could be used to select a database. Similar to choosing a section in the edit dialog. The control could have a shortcut on its own.
And what advantage could a combo box offer over the existing File menu? I see it as nearly the same, maybe you're seeing some advantages?
I understand your concerns, except some less mouse movement and a unique control, there is little advantage.
Good point about the combo box.  I actually would prefer a hideable notebook tab bar.  Normally, tags and sections are sufficient.  But for the operations support I do at work, I flip between many different projects and areas that I may want to keep in separate notebooks.  The tabs would let me easily switch between them.
This is probably the feature I most want to see in CN. Please not the combo-box though - that offers absolutely no advantages over the file menu, and would be useless to me. The whole point of this feature for me is to save mouse clicks due to the large amount of time I spend switching notebooks. At the moment, I click File, then mouse down to a notebook, then click again (two clicks, and some mouse movement). With a combo-box, it is still two clicks and mouse movement. With the notebooks as tabs, it is a single mouse click and a smaller amount of mouse movement. To someone who hardly ever switches notebooks, that may not sound like much - but to someone like me, it is a significant improvement.
Thanks for your comments, they'll definitely be taken into consideration upon implemeting this feature.
This has become the most wanted topic to me. Now that i have more than 3000 notes in my database it is important to separate them. Especially to move private diary notes into a database on their own. The "tabs for notebooks" feature will allow easy access to them. 
Very good idea to have Notebook tabs. +1