Allow Cintanotes to open see non .db files during the "Open Notebook" Window

Neil Moore 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 7

I use a program called Pismo File Mount to create private folders.  These private folders are merely encrypted files called .PFO, that when double clicked, prompt you for a password.  Once a password is entered, the file turns into a read and write folder that can be navigated.

Behind the scenes, this file is being mounted, similarly to how ISO files are mounted using Daemon Tools, or how Truecrypt volumes are mounted, except with one major distinction: The file becomes a folder and the address bar reflects this accordingly.


D:\Example Folder\Example Private Folder.pfo

Once double clicked and a password is given, the file can be navigated as such:

D:\Example Folder\Example Private Folder.pfo\Another Folder\Cintanotes.db

It would be nice if Cintanotes could see these .PFO files during the "Open Notebook" window, so that I can easily double click the PFO file to enter a password, and then open my notebook file without having to navigate away from CintaNotes.

Anyway,  It's a very simple change.  All you have to do is add an entry to the dropdown menu to the right of the "File name" text box, called "All Files".

Presto. :-)



Thanks for the suggestion! This is really easy to implement, so it will require only a couple of votes)

Under review


Actually you can see all files in Open dialog though it's not very obvious:

just type asterisk (*) into File name field and hit Enter. 

This makes the dialog's filter to include all files, and then you can choose whatever file you want.

Btw, Alex,

if you choose to open any file other than .db, the empty "Error" message box appears. 

Maybe it would be better to show something like "Not a CN notebook" in there.

Good suggestion, thanks! I'll add it to our tracker.