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Notes list without showing tags; notes list liability; toggle button for tags visibility;

Noah 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 3
Now I saw that tags are shortened from "Tag1/Tag2" to only "Tag2".
That's not helpful.
As I trust cintanotes to work correctly, I suggest to make showing of notes list without tags possible.
The tags are simply not needed when searching for notes from the tag bar.

For those browsing the notes list only, o.k.
Then a toggle button could switch tags in note list on/off.

Furthermore, the liability of the notes list is not so good; reading from top to bottom is not easy due to change from notes title to tags and vice versa and so on.

Thanks in advance for looking at this problem!

This might fit the bill: View Modes
Hi Noah, thanks for the suggestion!
I agree with Thomas - please take a look that that idea, btw it already has a lot of votes and is thus quite likely to be implemented soon.