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Capability to insert and copy/paste simple tables and/or "columnize" text in a tabular format

Novan Leon 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 9 years ago 7

I frequently wish to display small chunks of data in a tabular format in CintaNotes. I often copy/paste small tables of data (3-4 columns) from emails, websites, etc. into CintaNotes but this always results in a loss of formatting, forcing me to manually format the data.

I would love to see the additional of either (1) the addition of simple HTML or RTF table support into CintaNotes, including the ability to copy/paste tables from other sources, OR (2) a feature that automatically aligns simple text into a tabular format using tabs and spaces instead of tables whenever a table is copied from another source.

This would greatly improve the utility of CintaNotes for people like myself who find themselves wanting to frequently access tabular data.

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Under review

Good suggestion, thanks!

Support. I just tried to clip a table from a webpage into CN, and the results weren't good at all - I had to delete the clipped text and just settle for a link to the original webpage instead.
Thumbs up.  Table support such as border styles, merged cells, cell formatting (position, margin, shading, etc.) would be really great.  
Thanks for your comments! Not many votes however, I wonder why.
I fully agree tables are definitely needed;  personally I think this is more important than inserting / viewing pictures.  Most of my data seems to fall into table-type lists.
Perhaps there are not many votes because people think of tables with lines in between the cells rather than just aligned columns?
Thanks for your comment!
Please also see this idea, which has many more votes: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3391-quick-table-creation-like-tab-in-onenote/