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Neil Moore hace 8 años actualizado por Alex Jenter hace 8 años 4

Evernote charges $35/year (USD) and $70/year (USD). Asking price of CintaNotes is $39, which is very ballsy for an app that doesn't yet have cross platform support implemented, let alone the extensive and growing list of features that Evernote has. Not only that, but Evernote is offering 50% off on their Premium plan, which actually ends up being cheaper than CintaNote's asking price. Part of why I'm here is because Evernote's "free" plan is becoming restrictive enough to warrant a second look at their pricing scheme, as well as competitor options. I'm happy to see that CintaNotes is heading towards direct competition with Evernote. The problem I foresee with CintaNotes gaining traction in a market that's currently dominated by Evernote, is an asking price that isn't competitive and unattractive. If I was at the helm, I'd set the asking price to no more than $20/year. If you somehow manage to implement key features that Evernote users want, you'll steal away Evernote users, and turn them into paying users at a healthy pace. And, for a price that's noticeably lower than Evernote's, paying customers will be forgiving due to the lack of features. As the CintaNote's userbase increases and catches up to Evernote's existing feature list, you can then make the choice to return the annual price to something that works best for you. Until then, it's simply too much and is hindering your efforts. Hopefully you'll agree. :) These are, of course, my opinions. You're welcome to handle CintaNote's pricing scheme and development however you want. I would rather support the efforts of CintaNote's because I used it for many years and recommended it to many people due to its usefulness and lightweight nature. I sincerely hope you consider altering the pricing scheme, as it will undoubtedly work out in your favor.



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Hi Neil,

Thanks for your great message and for the insights. However you're missing a few facts about our pricing that make it actually more attractive than Evernote's:

1) Evernote uses subscription model and will charge you every year unless you return to the free plan. CintaNotes will only charge you if you want to get updates. If you're using older version, you're free to continue using PRO features for free.

2) Renewing CintaNotes license costs only $19.50 per year, which is right about the $20 mark you were talking about.

Would appreciate if you'd update your message in the light of the facts above. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your response. Strange, I'm unable to edit my post. Seeing as I'm wrong about how CintaNote's pricing scheme works, it does indeed seem significantly more attractive than evernote's now that I understand it. Thanks for taking the time to respond. At first glance, it looks as though CintaNote's has moved to the subscription model you spoke of, but now that I have taken a better look at the pricing page and also thanks to your clarification, I now understand how it works. I look forward to the android version of CintaNotes! :)



You're welcome, Neil! Probably we need to work a bit more on making the pricing scheme more understandable. Thanks for drawing our attention to it.