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Indicator if note has been edited

Chris Moore 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 9

At the moment, there appears to be no indication if - when you have a note open in the note editor - you have changed anything in the note since you opened it. For me, it means I don't know whether to click Ok (saving all changes), or Cancel (as I have not made any changes).

I know I could click Ok regardless, but I know that at least once previously, I have made an unintentional change to an open note (I opened it to copy some text, and instead somehow deleted some text), so I am reluctant to just click Ok each time. Thus, I would appreciate an indicator in the note (eg an asterix in the note titlebar, the same bar that contains the minimise, maximise and close buttons) if a note has had a change made to it since I opened it.

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Would it be an option to add a warning message, which shows up if the user wants to close a note with pending changes in it?

Hm, I might be able to work with that. What I could do in that case would be to click 'Cancel' each time. If no message appears, then all is well. If a message does appear, I then could think about whether I had actually intended to make any changes or not. If I had deliberately made a change, I could cancel the closing and then click Ok to save the note instead. If I had not deliberately made a change, I could just continue to cancel.

When i close cintanotes (shut down computer), the modifications on the notes are lost.

If I could haves an indicator that says me the status of the notes it could be useful

Are you sure about that? CN should autosave all changes when the program closes. Do you have a repeatable test case? Thanks

It works for me as you say Alex.