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#hashtag recognition and autotagging

klokov_e hace 8 años actualizado por Hoakim Artramonov hace 7 años 5

I suggest adding a hashtag recognition autotagging rule. Very often I happen to clip something that has a #hashtag in it, like #books or something like that, sometimes several hashtags like #geography #lakes # holidays. It is tedious to create an autotagging rule each time, so CintaNotes could recognize a hashtag and autotag it. This feature could be custom. Thank you. PS. For reference, this feature was implemented in Rednotebook Portable on portableapps.com.

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Thanks for a great suggestion!

No -1,

Tags need different field

If you want search by #tags use the search field.

The find by tags, mean that this word is not appeared in text,

is more like category.

If you want to search in text you can do...

But if it will be implemented, there need to ability to choice the behavior.