Ability to create links to paragraphs within notes

Alex Jenter 8 lat temu zaktualizowano 7 lat temu 11

SAM writes:

"My feature request is that users can insert a bookmark onto text in a CintaNotes note, leave it named that text or re-name it (shorter), and then insert a link to it elsewhere in my CintaNotes such as a the top of the note AND in remarks.

I often find in my research that I want to point to a particular part or several parts of a captured text in CintaNotes elsewhere inside that CintaNote - such as at the top of a note where I often want to summarize what is in the note and place a mini table of contents there so I can get to key parts in a long Note - and also place a link to those key part(s) in the *remarks* of the CintaNote to point to what is most important to me, when I return to use the note later. "


When are you planning to do it?

No time frame yet. When it gets much more votes.

Can't agree, just look how many new users whose nickname ends in a number appeared recently! :)