Under review

Allow to fix field height of remarks inside note editor

jerome shih 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4

The field height of remarks can be extended by dragging the space between keyword and content. But as soon I return to the content area in note editor, the field height of remarks returns to one line only. I hope the field height of remarks can be fixed.

Under review

Hi and thanks for the suggestion!

Remarks field size autoadjusts from the amount of text it has. Where there's no text in remarks, there's simply little sense for it to take up a lot of space. Don't you agree?

sure, I agree.
but if I want to extend the height of remark field for editing, it would be useful to keep the height fixed when switching between fields.

Ok I get your reasoning, thanks! We'll consider that if this issue here gets 10+ votes.