Note text gets highlighted all by itself

jerome shih 7 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 10

Somehow a lot of my notes are highlighted, I don't like it.
I hope that the highlight of these notes can be removed, especially can be removed in a batch way.

Under review

Did you highlight the notes yourself, or did the highlight appear all by itself?

the highlight appears all by itself,
I have used cintanotes for long time before highlight feature was adopted in cintanotes. Several notes, maybe old notes, are highlighted whole note. I found it quite bothering.

Do you use simplenote sync?

No, I don't use simplenote. But I might have tried simplenote sync before.

What color do you use as background window color in Windows? I suspect it's not white

I exported the colored notes to xml format and removed color tags. It is now fixed.

That's great! Please let me know if the text gets highlighted for no reason again.