Broken internal (notes) links after import on another machine

Hoakim Artamonov 7 років тому оновлено Alex Jenter 7 років тому 7

We work in cintanotes by team,

with collaboration work on different machine,

but we use one notes-space in CintaNotes.

But for somereason we can't use a SimplenoteSync

When somebody export notes - and send it to me,

the internal links (to other notes) is not working.

They work only on the same machine,

but not on another.

Maybe it's because links is hard-linked with concrete instance of software? Or Machine?

Can you make it linked to the some utility field inside a note, to make import links is possible?


P.S. CN is so great and useful tool, wish it becomes only better!

error globalization links

Later i find where is the problem.

The links didn't work because we have different id's of databases.

And link is hardlinked with database id.

But as i suppose - the note adress is some of random hash value,

and they dont meet collision because of their long lenght?

We fint the temporary solution to make

find&replace database id's from sender to reciever database

before importing.

Its great that you can link to notes in different databases.

I understand - this is right addressing solution.

But if user doesnt has this database, can we make a behavior,

that Cintanotes try to find note in current database?

Under review

Hi and thanks for posting the question!

The best way would be using SN sync of course, but you've ruled that out.

Maybe it will be easier for you to place the notebook file in a shared network folder and work with it together?

I guess it shouldbe possible to look for a note with a given UID in the current notebook when the notebook with target ID is not available. But I need to check