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Addition of an single extra field (other than the note title) that could be sorted alphabetically.

Hector 7 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 9

This would be extremely useful, for displaying all notes with some criterion (e.g. last date of contact with a customer). There is a feature request of a few years ago (Sorting by the Remarks field), which would do the job, but would defeat the remarks field purpose. Thank you.

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion! don't really know how to make it organic to the software.. Any idea how such a field should be called?

Thanks for your response. This field could be called "AN" (alphanumeric). As I am not a programmer, I do not understand what it means "making organic to the software".... sorry. Such field would be extremely useful. At the moment, I am using the "Link" field to enter a date (date of last contact with clients), so I can sort the notes by that criterion. However, I lose the possibility having this field used for a link when automatically clipping text, and using that field has a second limitation: this field is not displayed with the notes list (you see the sorted notes but not the field by which you sorted the notes). I hope these comments help. Thanks !!

Well I meant that the field purpose should be evident. If I ran some notes software and found there a field called "AN", I wouldn't know what to think. Maybe you still can find a way to use the title field?

Hi Hector,

from what i read your intention is to have a way to reckon clients, that need to be contacted? Either you're trying to reckon these by marking them with the last contact date. Otherwise a reminder date could do the job too, right? Anyhow, what you are actually asking for is a date field. Is that right?

Hi Thomas, in the specific example I presented, the requested alphanumeric field is used for "last contact with a client". However, this is just one use. It could be used for **anything useful for sorting purpose**, examples: fees, rating (assign a rank/value), nickname, invoice number, serial number, priority rating (on a todo list, or other list), contact person (in alphabetical order), etc. I think having a sortable field that accepts **alphanumeric content** can be very useful. Not only a date field, but a field than could accept a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. A_001b). As you say, a reminder date would not do the job. Thanks again!

Hi Alex, I can use the title field for sorting, by inserting in my example the "last contact date" as only content, or before the name of a client. But that would prevent having a list of clients (or whatever list) in alphabetical order (or reversed alphabetical order), which is a feature of the program as it is now. Cheers.

Ok I see, that means that using Title is not possible. Probably sorting by Remarks is indeed the easiest solution.

Thanks Alex. At the moment, CintaNotes does not sort by Remarks. Implementing such sorting would be a simple solution, but of course at the expense of losing the Remarks field for its intended use: "The “Remarks” field is intended as a place for additional information. Oftentimes the main note text is clipped from somewhere, and in the Remarks field you can specify some notes to yourself. Please note that the height of this field adjusts automatically to the amount of text you enter into it, but you can also adjust it manually via dragging the lower edge of the main text area with the mouse." Best.

I don't think this is a big problem. For example, you might use remarks as AN field only within a certain tag or section, and use it for real remarks in other notes. It's up to you, CN just gives you the general tools.