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Support multiple Simplenote accounts

Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated 1 month ago 7
The app should handle multi simplenote accounts : one per section


I join to the request. It might save lots of time. Multitasking is good :P

Why would you need multi accounts?

Multiple accounts are useful if you need to keep sensitive material (such as "attorney work product") separate from personal material.  Also, a sufficiently large project might warrant its own email accounts, Simplenote account, Twitter account, Wordpress site, and so forth.

Cintanotes can do this "sort of."  The main problem is opening the multiple files that synchronize with Simplenote.  That can be problematic.  Once open, though, everything works well.  But the initial process could be smoother.  (I know the rest of this entry is "TL;DR" for some people....)

While we are on our wishlist of features, I do wish we had a color coded "star" or "flag" system similar to GMail or Apple Mail.  Tagging notes with icons / emoticons could be quite useful IF searches on the icons could be run.  (All red stars or green flags or whatever.  Boolean searches on these would be sheer ecstasy. (All "red stars" .AND. "green flags")  Ditto for SQL, if that is possible.)  

I think some interaction with certain other apps could be quite useful.  Notezilla comes to mind: http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla   Sending a note to Notezilla would be great, as well as moving the other direction.  Adding certain Notezilla features (popup on certain dates / times with a "snooze" feature to move it out hours, days, or weeks; popup when certain apps or webpages open) would be even better.

Other interesting possibilities for connectivity and import / export include Tabbles (tagging exported notes either one by one or by an entire directory of exported notes, maybe found by a search), AxCrypt (encryption of exported notes), DeadboltEdit (encryption of exported notes), Filezilla (FTP, which adds value to the ability to export to HTML; some people might find "markdown" to be useful), Focus Writer (focused writing), Scrivener (large writing projects), WinZip (archiving), and WinRAR (archiving).  No doubt others have asked about Evrernote / Onenote connections.  Add me to that stack of people.

I already use Thornsoft's Clipmate to connect to just about everything.  I certainly use it to transport text to/from Cintanotes, FocusWriter, and Scrivener.  I suspect others might find that utility adds significant value to CintaNotes.  Clipmate has been an incredibly useful and stable utility for about two decades: http://thornsoft.com  

I run multiple platforms, so sometimes I capture text in Simplenote under Ubuntu or Mac OSX.  Being able to manage multiple accounts for multiple projects is particularly useful, and connectivity with other applications equally so.

Full disclosure: I have no financial interest of any kind with aforementioned tools / websites.  And I have been evaluating these kinds of tools since before the Palm Pilot days.  See, also: https://www.kurucz.ca/research/otherresources.htm

Thanks for such a deep and detailed comment! 

One question: have you tried running multiple portable instances of CN at the same time? Each can have own clipping hotkeys and SN account. I thought maybe this would fit the bill.

Yes!  I keep one instance open for planning and projects in general (daily task lists),  one for strictly legal, and one for personal notes and writing (as a hobby and eventually to monetize that).  This is on my Windows laptop, and each ties to Simplenote accounts I can, and do, use on multiple other devices, most frequently iPad and I Phone.  Each has its own Independent Cintanotes file.  With the tags it can work very well.

My only gripe is that, when I need to reboot the Windows machine (after installs / updates), opening the multiple CN files is problematic.  I use the new virtual desktops feature under Win10 (similar to the Mac desktops and KDE's desktops), and the window to open the file gets "lost." I would like to click on a recent file and be able to have it easily open in a new window instead of having it always replace the existing open file, which I want to keep open!

(But, once they are open, it works great!  This is more of a UI problem than anything else.  No major architecture changes are needed to fix this, but the fix would definitely add value!)

Thanks for the insights you're giving. We'll definitely take this into consideration in the new UI.