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When using CintaNotes for foreign language vocab (French, German, Russian, Italian)

Robert Shiplett 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

When using CintaNotes for foreign language vocab (French, German, Russian, Italian) it would be a big help to be able to markup colour on words in notes, even it just as the hi-lite colour used in THOSE notes as opposed to a global hi-lite (eg yellow.)
In Russian I use blue for male, green for feminine and orange for neuter with anything else to mark the common gender or exceptions. Italian has some such as "il poeta" and German has many and French could drive a Russian mad as Russian at least MOSTLY make sense ;-)
And no, that is no typo: i use GREEN; women case use PINK for for feminine of LAVENDER or ... i use a pale green if i can find it. Light Green versus light blue TEXT is very problematic on a whitish background; setting a pale pastel green background is fine for BLACK text for me. There are very good apps for checking this issue of color legibility as a contrast issue.
When comparing oddities across Russian/French and Russian/German vocab, I use darker shades for the French or German. My fault for starting with "Polish for Poets" ;-)

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I should have noted that I am putting my vocab translation in the remarks field on second line of REMARKS, but only viewing cards in a Section's notes list with 1 line of remarks visible. If the colour were used as the remarks field background, my use of CintaNotes for learning vocab would be defeated. BUT. The great thing using CintaNotes is being able to add a URL link to a piece of text or dialog or to a mnemonic or inserting a NOTE Link to a note with a language corpus excerpt. For a poem, words can be linked via NOTE Link to the vocab item.
There is nothing like a person LEXIKON or Glossary because you WILL forget ( which is not a problem, as that is how most of us Learn !)
At the moment, sort order is Section specific; if Remarks view lines count were Section-specific ... but that is for another idea. Note-level, Section-level or Notebook-level would be lovely for most options, though ...

Under review

Hi Robert, thanks for the suggestion!

Maybe this would fit the bill for you?

http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topics/378-arbitrary-colored-text/ or


Note is already has some votes!