Tagging as I browse

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Okay, here's an idea - I hope you understand:

I'm browsing through a very long pdf and want to tag various sentences, paragraphs and sections without stopping reading / leaving the pdf viewer.

I am reading through the pdf, I find a paragraph; I select the paragraph, then a discrete box comes up and I enter appropriate tags for the paragraph (there would be an auto-complete function in/to this box). I save/dismiss the box and continue my reading.

Whenever I finish my reading, I can go to a highlight section and search for a particular tag - up appears a list of the sentences, paragraphs tagged with that word or term.

Is this something CintaNotes can work with or is it an idea best directed at developers of pdf viewer software? Maybe this is how some pdf viewers already work - can you help?


taking/clipping tags

Thanks for the suggestion!

I think better use Citavi - it already implement what you suggest

I think it's different types of software - for reference management (clip&tag) and note-taking,

that more for creating (writing, with little bit of clipping) notes.

In the notetaking reality i think behavior of CintaNotes must be like:

You highlight something in the PDF, create a capture note, than you type your ideas about that, and tag it, if you want.

And you have your notes LINKED with concrete position of pdf document (easier realisation i think if you a browse pdf in browser)

p.s. English is not my native language )

Citavi seems very interesting, but it's also very expensive. It starts at 120 € ("personal and student use"), then grows at 240 € (for non-profit organisations !) and even 360 € (for businesses). The free version can only hold 100 references, so it is a trial version, really.

If your work involves scraping many pdfs off the Web and referencing them, you might look up Docear and Zotero, both of them free and academically-oriented. I decided against them for various reasons (not high DPI-aware, Docear seemingly not very actively developed, Zotero having a cramped and somewhat complex interface), but the idea is interesting. Zotero seems to have an active environment.