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Black background and larger text

echo user 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

It's impossible for me to use cintanotes for more than 10 minutes without getting eye strain or a headache. Looking at the white background of a note's window is like staring directly at a light bulb, and the text is so tiny it's impossible to read at a comfortable distance. On every application I use in which I must read or edit text, I have the ability to black out the background and make the text large. For example, right now I have this page in my Firefox browser zoomed in to 200%, plus I am running an add-on called Blank Your Monitor, which changes white backgrounds to black. These are very basic features for any application in which you work with text. It would be great to see them implemented into my favorite notebook application (which I have paid for).

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Apologies. I see text size can be modified in Options>Notes List...

But the problem with white backgrounds is still a problem. Simply being able to invert color would greatly improve matters.

Under review

please take a look here: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topics/752-color-scheme-customization/

If you agree I'll merge this request into that one

If the color scheme customization includes changing the note window to black, then I'm all in favor of the merger. Thanks for your response.

Until then I'm having to use the Magnifier app that comes with Windows, as it has a color invert option.