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Note editor: minimize space used by secondary UI controls

Alex Jenter 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 5

Tags, link, remark, date take too much space.

Make the display of some of these controls optional or auto-hidable and displayed on demand.

editing other-ui

I would like something like a simple line with :

- tags

- "ok" button

- "cancel" button

- a button to show everything again

(and if each note could remember her own place/size when shown again it could be fantastic. Just when closing/reloading cintanotes)

Tags and remarks must be always visible without

pressing any button - this is apriori, i think.

I suggest that better UI will be

 add additional fields
(also under the main text area)
which visually need to  be MORE homogeneous with main text.

This will create a less distracting user interface
I will draw what I suggest a lil bit later