Extra spaces inside brackets after clipping text with HTML formatting

Fulkett 7 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 7


COPY => content <any_tag>(some text)</any_tag>
PASTE => content (some text)


An extra space after the opening parenthesis:
COPY => content (<any_tag>some text</any_tag>)
PASTE => content ( some text)

Extra spaces after the opening brace and before the closing brace:
COPY => content {<any_tag>some text</any_tag>}
PASTE => content { some text }

Extra spaces after the opening square bracket and before the closing square bracket:
COPY => content [<any_tag>some text</any_tag>]
PASTE => content [ some text ]

Сopied from a web browser, pasted into a note.
any_tag = a, b, u, i, em, code, strong, etc.

taking/clipping complexity:easy text-formatting

I have also noticed this, although I can't be as specific as the OP as to what triggers the extra spaces (parenthesis, etc) : clipping text from a Web page to a note will sometimes add one space in the middle of a word, at different places in the note. I haven't noticed that parenthesis, brackets and such were needed for that, although I haven't tried to reproduce the bug to define it precisely.

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I confirm the problem, thanks! This generally happens because of extra SPANs in the HTML.

Fun fact : when you try to delete those spaces by positioning the cursor to the right, then hitting Backspace, it's the useful character on the left of the space which gets deleted. Selecting both the leading character and the space next to it, then typing over, does the trick.

Strange, doesn't happen to me (at least with the mentioned above Wikipedia API article). BkSp works like it should.