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Link to Snag.gy cloud image service

danielson il y a 7 ans mis à jour par Alex Jenter il y a 7 ans 15

This one is hard to formulate... trying to get some new (hopefully useful) ideas in.

Snag.gy (and others) offer free image hosting (time limited) with related url.

Pasting a link to hosted image to Cintanotes is no problem.

What would be fun is to have an integrated image service via Cintanotes for a basic free, premium and perhaps (even better) a one-time fee (just like the app).

Of course, Cintanotes would have to incorporate screenshot capabilities.

Makes sense?

Hi Daniel, glad to see you here! )

Well it probably makes sense, although I'd say this feature wouldn't be 100% organic to CN. However if there are lots of votes we'll start to think how to incorporate it in a non-bloaty way.


It is a daunting challenge...

Could see CN work together with an app like Screenshot Captor but hosting image service it uses has no long-term guarantee.

I think if we'd do it, we'll be using our own servers anyway. It increases complexity of the task, but otherwise we'd be putting our users' info at risk.

Too bad SimpleNote doesn't handle other formats.

Dropbox seems to be next in line for reliability (EPIM has option to sync with them) and the basic free plan of 2G could match your basic plan too. Perhaps an entente with them could be done for premium users?


Seeing that Cintanotes is a friend of Simplenotes, then perhaps you will want to contact the top notch leaders responsible for Simplenotes in the first place:


They are good people and I am sure you will find help there.

Ok but what would I  say to them?

Good question!

I'm not a business manager or anything, but perhaps an entente could be made with them for their Cloudup service?

Check these guys out for ideas and see how they manage to sync to the cloud:


Thanks for the hint!