Under review

A web-clipper extension (similar to Evernote) at least for Chrome and Firefox.

Adamodeus 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3
taking/clipping complexity:hard

What would that do ? Click a button, clip a Web page in an archive format ? I'm all for it, so I'll give a positive vote, but I will qualify it thus :

> That would be terrific, what I've been looking for all along, etc. The only reason I'm not using Evernote (or One Note) is cost and lack of privacy (plus Evernote is not that intuitive, foolproof or reliable, according to reports I've seen).

> However, the present mode of clipping, with rich text and hyperlinks, needs to stay.

> I suppose this would be a big project (if at all possible), so it should not alter the inherent simplicity and speed of CN.

Apart from that, yes, it would be a huge advancement. There's currently no satisfying way to archive a Web page :

> Bookmarks can go dead over time, and browsers' bookmark managers are rotten anyway.

> There used to be good archival formats around, but this is disappearing with the near-extinction of Internet Explorer, and introduction of Web Extensions in Firefox.

> You can always use Archive.org, and even force archival there of any Web page you want to keep, but retrieval is not particularly user-friendly, and you always need to rely on a third party.