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"Create similar note" command

Alex Jenter 7 år siden opdateret 7 år siden 10

Add command to create a note with same section and tags as currently selected one.


I would like to propose a variant of this. The real issue, I think, is duplicating a set of tags.

What I find myself constantly doing, during the course of research on a given subject, is I clip a webpage, then I proceed to edit it, notably by giving it a set of tags. Then I clip another page, and many times the very same set of tags would be relevant. So I need to :

  • Open the previous note.
  • Position the cursor in the tag field.
  • Select All.
  • Copy the previous set of tags.
  • Right-click on the freshly clipped note, Tag.
  • Paste the previously copied set of tags.

It's perfectly doable, but it strikes me that there is not a Copy Tags and Paste Tags set of commands in the right-click menu, similar to the Copy Note Link / Paste operation, which would ease the workflow.

Of course, this would make for longer menus, so maybe a slight downgrade in simplicity -- always a trade-off.

The following should support your workflow:

open the notes list

press Ctrl+C on the source note

press Ctrl+V to create an exact copy

open the note

press Ctrl+A to select all text in the note's body

press Del to clear the text

It's a pattern i use myself for the same purpose.

Interesting, but actually not suited to my work. What this produces is an empty note with the required tags, a wrong title and a wrong URL.

Then you need to copy/paste the web page's contents, then change the title, then change the URL.

You don't take advantage of the automatic title feature of CN, which I have completed with some macros from other programs. You don't take advantage of the automatic saving of the URL that CN provides.

It breaks the clipping habit (this particular page does not get filed with Ctrl + F12), plus it breaks the natural tendency to decide about tags after having clipped the page, not before.

Also, it's quite unnatural to create a note only to erase most of it immediately.

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Well how about this:

1. (one time only) make sure Options/Clipping/After Clipping/Assign Currently Active Tags is active
2. focus the source note and press Ctrl+BkSp to select its tags on the sidebar

3. go on with clipping => all clipped notes will be tagged similarly to the source note

Thank you for the suggestion, and sorry for replying late. This does not seem to work.

I tried this, once with the last tagged note : the wait was very long after Ctrl+BkSp (3 000 notes in the database, many tags, is there a way to count them ?), plus it selected the wrong tags. The first selected tag actually belonged to the note, but the second did not and the other tags were not selected. From that point, clipping did tag the new note with the (wrongly) selected tags, therefore the result was useless.

I tried once more with an older note : the selected tags were the same than in the first instance, therefore even less relevant.

How is Ctrl+BkSp supposed to work ? Is it documented ?

I wonder why it doesn't work for you.. Yes, Ctrl+BkSp is documented here: http://cintanotes.com/keyboard-mouse-shortcuts/

How many tags does the note have which is focused when you press Ctrl+BkSp?

Please also try making a new notebook with a couple of notes and 1-2 tags - does it work this way?

Hi Alex,

I've tried with any number of tags : one or six, the same thing happens. Ctrl + Backspace selects all the notes in the main window, and makes a search. After a while, it selects a specific tag in the left panel, which does not belong to the note I had selected in the first place.

I created a new notebook and the same thing happens, except that in some cases, it also opens one of the notes.

That's really weird. Any chance you could record this behavior in a debug log and send to me? Thanks in advance!

No problem. How do I do that ?

1) Run CintaNotes and activate "Help/Debug/Debug Logging"
2) Try to repeat the problem
3) This will produce the file named "log.N.txt" (either in CN folder,
   or in %APPDATA%\CintaNotes), where N is a number - please send the latest
   file (it will be the one with the max N) to support@cintanotes.com


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