Don't treat Underscore as a word separator character on double-click

Tom Bruyns 7 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 6 years ago 7

If you double-click on (for example) max_records, then the behaviour is now:

1. "max" is selected text OR

2. "_" is selected text   OR 

3. "records" is selected text.

The people who use "underscore" the most are programmers, and they wish that when you double-click on "max_records", that the behaviour would be always:

1. "max_records" is selected text

Is it possible to change this please?

Thank you in advance.

A very thorough motivation you can find also in following article: http://blog.jonschneider.com/2008/07/don-treat-underscore-as-word-separator.html

Under review

I agree, thanks for your suggestion!


Agreed this would be a necessary enhancement. Thanks

Released in 3.11