Clipping doesn't work - pastes html source or nothing (version 3.9.1)

ChrisCN 7 ár síðan updated by Alex Jenter 7 ár síðan 3

I wanted to change my habbit of copying and pasting content into new notes manually and take advantage of the global hotkey.

If I select content in an Outlook window and hit the clipping hotkey I get a new note BUT the html source is pasted into the note.

I then noticed, that this also happens if I try to copy and paste manually via the clipboard => it inserts the html source code.

On InternetExplorer (Version 11) I noticed that the manual copy and paste via clipboard also inserts html code. BUT, if I use the hotkey I get an empty note (only the title is set correctly).

So clipping doesn't really work for me at the moment.

I use CintaNotes Version 3.9.1

Clipping -> Formatting -> Retain RTF Formatting    = ON

Clipping -> Formatting -> Retain HTML Formatting    = ON

Hope you can find the Problem.

best regards


editing taking/clipping clipboard text-formatting
Under review

Hi Chris! Seems that this issue has been fixed in 3.10 beta2. Please try it: http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2356 

Thanks - Bug is fixed