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Import links

DrTeeth 7 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 6 years ago 3

When saving some text with some links in ot, it would be useful to be able to import the text from those links. The advantage is that the links may not last forever and so having the contents of the link would be an advantage.


I can see the point, but how would that work in practice ?

Downloading a part of the web and stuffing it somehow in the background, within the database, would be explosive in terms of size and processing power.

And where do you stop ? What if there are a hundred links or more, in a page ? Most of the links you wouldn't want, anyway. On a media web site, you'd be fighting to repel most of the links the page is trying to throw at you.

Also, how useful is it to import, wholesale, tons of text you haven't had the opportunity to edit ? Most pages need a minimum of pruning in order for the note to be readable, and many of them would be downright unusable without this step.

Wayback Machine is the answer to this problem.

I think one could open the link, and then select the text that one would want, and use some hot-key combo to copy and paste the text into the place occupied by the link. It would not be my intention to copy everything over at all. I just would not like a 404 when accessing a link at some point in the future.